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English Spoken

What are the Course Contents?

Basic English Course:

> Reading

> Comprehension

> Basic Vocabulary

> Basic Grammar

> Tenses in English

> Sentence Structure

> Self-Introduction

> Confidence Building

> 10 Simple Speaking Topics

> Letter Writing

> Thinking in English

> Introduction to Public Speaking

> Writing Basic Sentence

> Mirror Practice

Advanced English Speaking Course:

Grammar Practice

Public Speaking

Group Discussions


Audio – Video Training

Body Language with Video Recording

Personality Development

Email Drafting

Presentation Skills

Voice and Accent

Mastery in Interviews

Business English

Confidence Building

Communication Skills

Business English Course:

Functional Grammar

Business English Vocabulary

Report Writing

Business Email Drafting

Effective Presentation Skills

Confidence in Communication

Voice Modulation Techniques

Pronunciation Accuracy

Understanding US/UK/Aus Accent

Neutral / Global English

Personal Grooming

Corporate Etiquettes

Speech Structure

Powerful Body Language

Use of Visual Aids

Interview Conduct